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Did we mention the Delacombe Town Centre is opening Thursday 31st August, maybe we did? We are very excited!

Click the link below to see a recent gallery with the growing list of shops. Including some snaps of the Woolworths Entrance and centre, Candybar at Showbiz Cinema, Discount Chemist Warehouse Site, multiple photos of Kmart Centre, Butcher Club site, Micro Broo Burger Bar site, Fruit & Vegetable Store and a Playground site!


SAVE THE DATE! Delacombe Town Centre have shared their opening date, the official opening day will be Thursday 31st August and there will also be some celebrations on Saturday 2nd September to ensure you can all enjoy the opening of this brand new beautiful centre! Make sure you share these dates with your friends and family and stay tuned for more information. Get Excited!


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Walking distance from Ploughmans Arms, the Bonshaw Early Learning Centre will be opening in early 2018! Applications for four-year-old kindergarten in 2018 close this Friday 30 June.

First round offers for four-year-old kindergartens places in 2018 will be sent to parents in the first week of August, with second round offers sent later in August and final round offers in early September.

How do you enrol to a Kinder that isn’t built yet? The Sebastopol West Kindergarten is actually relocating to the NEW Bonshaw Early Learning Centre. For information and applications, call 5320 5720 or visit to complete the simple online enrolment form.


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It really couldn’t be a better time for First Home Buyers! Not only is the FHOG going to be doubled to $20,000 from 1 July 2017 for new properties purchased in Regional Victoria (yep that includes Ballarat) the Stamp Duty is now officially abolished for First Home Buyers Under $600,000! Even more Money in your pocket.

Victorian First Home Buyers who purchase a property for less than $600,000 will no longer need to pay stamp duty, provided they live in their home for at least 12 months. This could leave up to an extra $15,535 in your pocket. Wow! The government expect about 25,000 people a year to benefit & an average first-home buyer will save an extra $8,000!

With a diverse selection of home-sites here at Ploughmans Arms Estate you can turn your dream of owning your own home into a reality. Our Estate is a modern masterplanned community created to be cohesive, attractive & become an extension of your home. Dairymans & Jersey Stages are Titled and ready for you to build today!


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There have been more announcements since our last post in April! Not only do we have Woolworths, Kmart, Showbiz Cinema, Direct Chemist Outlet, Medical Centre, Noodlebox, Dentist, Burger Bar at the Delacombe Town Centre. But there is also going to be a Chill Espresso Lounge, Justcuts, Smart Dollar and The Butcher Club at the DTC, all just a 4 minute drive from Ploughmans.

Visit our RESOURCES page for more information.


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For the month of July Ballarat is coming alive with all things Winter!

Winter Wonderlights at Sovereign Hill, the Pop Up Ice Skating Rink in the Heart of Ballarat’s CBD, The Ballarat Potato Festival, Ballarat Brew Festival, Winterfest Market at the Delacombe Stadium, the Giant Slide + Snow Globe + Frozen Forest. There is so much more, whether it’s school holiday fun or a romantic rendezvous that you’re seeking, there’s a day out to enthral everyone. For more details click this link

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The Ballarat Railway Station, just a 12 minute drive away is about to be transformed with a $25 Million investment from the Victorian Government, we think this is Fantastic! Stage 1 construction is expected to begin as soon as July/August 2017 with a new two-level commuter car park and a portion of the access road. These works are expected to be completed in late 2017.

And Stage 2 works are expected to begin in early 2018 involving the remediation and refurbishment of the Goods Shed, construction of the hotel and delivery of the public plaza and remaining transport improvements.

Please find more details via our Resources page.


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Walking distance from Ploughmans Arms, the Bonshaw Early Learning Centre will be opening in early 2018! Applications for four-year-old kindergarten in 2018 close Friday 30 June. How do you enrol at a Kinder that isn’t built yet?

The Sebastopol West Kindergarten is actually relocating to the NEW Bonshaw Early Learning Centre. Call 5320 5720, visit to complete the online enrolment form or click here to download & print a form.

You can also go to the Kindergarten 2018 Open Day, 10am-12pm Saturday 17 June at the current Sebastopol West Kindergarten – 180 Grant Street. See this link for more details or call 5339 5055.


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We touched on the exciting news back in March, the Victorian Government has announced that it intends to increase the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) from $10,000 to $20,000 for new homes built in regional Victoria, and yes this includes Ballarat for new homes valued up to $750,000. So what else do you need to know? The dates! The date you sign your contract to buy or build your new home is the key date. Settlement date is irrelevant.

The $20,000 FHOG will be applicable to:
– Contracts entered into from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020 for the purchase of a new home in a regional area,
– Comprehensive home building contracts entered into from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020 by the owner of land wholly in regional Victoria, or a person who on completion of the contract will be the owner of land wholly in regional Victoria, to have a home built on the land, and
– The building of a home wholly in regional Victoria if the building work commences between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2020 inclusive

If you are entitled to the FHOG but sign a contract for a first home in regional Victoria before 1 July 2017, you will not be eligible for the $20,000 payment. This is even if you settle on or after 1 July 2017. However, you will still be eligible for the $10,000 FHOG.

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The beautiful Lake Wendouree is under 10 minutes from Ploughmans. Lake Wendouree offers something very special to our wonderful Ballarat, it has a scenic 6km circuit for walking, running, & cycling. And is perfect for many other activities like rowing, fishing, sailing, bbqs & picnics, enjoying wildlife, gardens, festivals, playgrounds and so much more.

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