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The parkland at Power Park is walking distance to Ploughmans Arms Estate and is about 18ha in size & already includes a dog park. You might have noticed Ballarat Council have recently added signage, new fencing, park seats and pathways to this parkland, this infrastructure has begun because the population is in rapid growth in the area & it is very important for parklands such has Power Park to support the ever growing community.

As the population continues to grow in the area and dwelling thresholds are hit or earlier at discretion of responsible authority, there are many more future plans for Power Park including Wetlands, Indoor Recreation Centre, Pavilion, Ovals, Athletic Track, Netball Court & Regional Play Space. This information is available for reference within the City if Ballarat’s Ballarat West – Development Contributions Plan (DCP) and Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) – see links…/2019…/ballarat_west_dcp.pdf…/Ballarat%20West%20PSP%20pa…
Just to throw a few numbers out there, as it is well worth knowing – the recreational reserve has an estimated cost of over $12,000,000, the Indoor Recreational Centre (4 courts) over $8,800,000 and the Pavilion over $1,390,000.

All this future infrastructure will be walking distance to Ploughmans Arms Estate and opposite Pinarc Disability Support 53291300, the proposed future Primary School and the existing Bonshaw Early Learning Centre managed by Ballarat City Council & ECKA


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Wow it really is exciting times here at Ploughmans Arms! Here is a few quick snaps of the future Marrubak Stage which is getting very close to completion. We know there are a couple of future home owners looking forward to be able to walk on their street and we are glad to say this won’t be far away with the homesites getting pegged and asphalt just around the corner!

Plus there is over 15 homes under construction and a number recently completed! So many lovely people to welcome to the Ploughmans Community! And of course the brand new Bonshaw Early Learning Centre is looking great with landscaping underway and will be opening their doors in the near future! Did we mention the wetlands is under construction too! What can we say Ploughmans really is a place to LIVE ENJOY PLAY and EXPLORE.


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Just a 4 minute drive from Ploughmans Arms Estate, the $60 million Delacombe Town Centre is now due to open late August 2017. The shopping centre will include Woolworths, Kmart & 35 small retailers as well as a 500-seat, six-screen Showbiz cinema, Direct Chemist Outlet will feature at the site and will run the facility’s medical centre.
The most recent news of other tenants: Noodlebox franchise, discount store, dentist and Broo Beer will open a burger bar in November.

Find out more via this recent story or go to our RESOURCES page for more information.

Dream homes are built, plus many more under construction.

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The grass has grown lush & green, dream homes are built, plus many more under construction at the moment. We are very excited to see our vision & your community coming to life! Visit our wonderful estate anytime and picture your future here at Ploughmans. Remember both Dairymans & Jersey Stages are constructed, titled & ready to build your dream home!

Construction of Jersey Street is finished!


We are pleased to announce Jersey Street is now constructed. Jersey Stage includes Jersey Street and Clydesdale Drive within Ploughmans Arms. Lots ranging from 369m2 to 723m2. Be sure to check it out!

Please find more details on our Lots via our FOR SALE page.

nbn™ ready

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The nbn™ network is so much more than fast internet.  From education to business and entertainment, the nbn™network gives us all the opportunity to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.  At Ploughmans Arms Estate all our lots are nbn™ ready, which means you can make the best of the opportunities nbn™ network brings from the very beginning. For more information visit our RESOURCES page.

nbn™ and nbn™ ready are trade marks of nbn co limited and used under licence.